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    Setting up Outlook Email Client using third party email for outgoing mail

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    Created 2008-04-18
    Modified 2013-04-05
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    Author Point B Web Support

    If you are having issues with outgoing mail (bounced, rejected, etc.) and you have another email account with a major email provider, you can use that account to send your outgoing email. Your messages will still look the same and carry the same From and Reply To address - they will simply be routed through your other email provider's SMTP server.

    This article uses Outlook 2003 for the screenshots. If your version is different, you should be able to use this information to figure out what your specific settings should be.

    In Outlook, go to Tools | Email Accounts. Select "View or change existing e-mail accounts" then click Next. Select the email account you want to modify (usually there is only one) and click the Change button. You should see something like the dialog box below.

    • Your Name is the formal display name that will usually be shown in the "From" field when the recipient sees the message.  E-mail Address will also make up part of the From field.
    • Incoming mail server (POP3) - set that to mail.your_domain_name.com (or .net, .org, etc.)
    • Outgoing mail server (SMTP) - this is the one you will set to your MSN, Yahoo, GMail, etc. email account's outgoing mail server. The example in the screenshot shows the actual setting for MSN mail: smtp.email.msn.com - you may have to contact your third party email provider or Google "smtp email server for yahoo" etc.
    • Logon Information - This applies to your incoming (POP3) server - the one hosted by Point B Web. This should be set to your email address and your email password.

    Now click the More Settings button. You will see the following (or similar):

    This information is for display or informational purposes and the default reply to email address. Fill this in and click the Outgoing Server tab. You should see this:

    ALL of the third party mail servers will require authentication, so check that box and fill in your MSN, Yahoo, GMail, etc. username and password.

    SOME mail servers will use Secure Password Authentication. Try it without it and if it does not work, go back in and check the box and try again - but FIRST make sure your username and password are correct.

    Click OK to get back to the main email settings screen and you should be able to use the Test Account Settings button. Click Next or Finish or OK - whatever the case may be.

    Close Outlook and restart it. Try sending and receiving email.

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    ATTENTION COMCAST CUSTOMERS: See this related article

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