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    How do I configure Outlook to send and receive email from my domain using POP3?

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    Created 2006-10-12
    Modified 2016-03-07
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    Author Ken

    Setting up Outlook (or Outlook Express or other email client) is easy.

    Start Outlook or Outlook Express. Click Tools and choose "Email Accounts".

    In the "Internet Accounts Windows" click Add and choose Mail (or Change to modify an existing mailbox)

    Fill in all of the information as shown:

    The Outgoing Mail (SMTP) should also be your domain name with the extension (mail.yourdomain.com) unless your ISP requires the use of their mail server to send mail (MSN, Earthlink/Mindspring, and AOL are several examples; there are others) OR if you are having problems with your emails getting bounced or rejected. SEE THIS ARTICLE for setting up outgoing mail using third party mail providers.


    Your Outlook client should be configured to remove the emails from the server. If you sometimes use webmail, then youmay want to leave the most recent one or two weeks worth of messages on the server. These settings are found in the Advanced tab:


    **NOTE: If you are having problems sending email, you could try changing the outgoing server port to 587 in the settings above. Comcast, for example sometimes blocks port 25.

    You may need to restart Outlook and then hit F5 or click the Send/Receive button.

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