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    Email can't be delivered to any mailboxes on your domain - things to check

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    Created 2006-11-06
    Modified 2007-02-02
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    Author Ken

    One of the primary causes of email that is sent to you is that you have run out of disk space. When this happens, you can no longer receive email. You can login to your CPanel ( http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel ) and in the left column, it shows your disk space used and available. You can click on the Disk Space Usage icon and from there, find out what folders & files are using the most space. To free up space, delete emails on the server via webmail (and purge trash folders) and use the File Manager in CPanel to delete unused files. You can also use an FTP application to manage/remove files.

    If only one user can't send or recieve email the problem is most likey that their box exceeded it's limit. To change the limit go to Cpanel and manage mail >> manage email >> select the offending box >> and then increase the storage limit. This will allow them to get back into the mailbox and delete messages off the server. The admin then can come back and reset the limit either higher or the same. You can have no email storage size limits on all boxes but you risk having all boxes unable to send and receive if hosting quota is exceeded because of mass amounts of email being stored on the server. Employees should be trained to store email locally.

    If you need more disk space, please contact sales@pointbweb.com and ask about upgrading your hosting package.

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